Ice Basics

The Chilling Story  


There is no such thing as flavored ice.

Every bartending book will tell you to start with fresh ice. I don't buy that theory in all cases. Many a patron has told me they prefer to use the same glass. Some have even tried to convince me that the ice was flavored. While this is not true, there are often a bit of diluted spirits in the glass that would make you think that. I have no problem packing new ice on top of old in certain circumstances.

Ice Terminology

Neat - Served straight, not chilled. 
Up - Served chilled without the ice. 
Rocks - Ice cubes. 
Mist - Served over crushed ice.

Fresh Ice Do's

Do use the same glass and add more ice to spirits served on the rocks. 
Do fill each glass back up with fresh ice. 
Do use fresh ice in making any cocktail served up.

Fresh Ice Don'ts

Don't reuse glasses with ice that have twists or garnishes in them. 
Don't reuse a glass that has diluted watery leftovers in it. 
Don't use the same glass or ice when switching drinks.