Absinthe: Anise flavored cordial containing wormwood, outlawed in the U.S. still.
How long a whiskey, rum or brandy has been stored.
 A drink that stimulates the appetite.
Back: A non-alcoholic drink or a small glass of beer served on the side of a shot.
Bar Spoon: Long handled spoon with a twirled stem.
Base Liquor: The main ingredient in a drink.
Bitters: Made from bark, herbs, roots and berries, gives a bitter zest to drinks.
Blend: Use a blender to mix drink.
Call: A brand name liquor that is step above well.
Chaser: An alcoholic beverage served on the side of another alcoholic drink.
Cordial: Same as a liqueur, sweet drink made from berries, fruit or herbs.
Dash: A smidgen or a couple drops, approximately 1/16 oz.
Dry: No vermouth or a teensy amount.
Flag: Term used when someone has had enough to drink, also a garnish (usually a skewered cherry and orange wedge.)
Flamed: Drink is topped with high proof alcohol & lit.
Float: To layer one ingredient on top of another, usually to top a drink
Frozen: Drink is blended in blender with crushed ice or ice cream.
Jigger: Shot glass for pouring about an ounce and a half.
Layered: Using heaviest liquors first, each liquor is carefully poured on top of the other usually using a back of a spoon.
Liqueur: Same as a cordial, sweet drink made from berries, fruit or herbs.
Long Drink: Term used for a mixed drink not served in a cocktail glass.
Mist: To pour a drink over crushed ice.
Mixer: The non-alcoholic beverage you mix spirits with.
Muddled: A drink served with mashed fruit like an Old Fashioned.
Muddler: A wooden mallet used to smash fruit.
Neat: Room temperature drink with no ice.
Nip: Measurement for a little more than a jigger.
On the Rocks: Served over ice.
Pony: One ounce.
Perfect: Sweet and dry vermouth added to drink & served with a twist.
Premium: A step above call, but not top shelf.
Proof: The alcohol content of spirits.
Shake: Add ice, then ingredients & shake in cocktail shaker
Short: A drink with just a little mixer in a short glass. 
Simple Syrup: Heavy sugar water.
Splash: A small amount of mixer.
Straight Up: Drink is mixed with ice & then strained into glass
Strainer: Wire gadget with a spring around it that fits over the top of your mixing container so you can strain ice or pulp when pouring into a serving glass.
Stir: Ingredients are poured over ice & long spoon is used to stir.
Top: Ingredient is put on top of drink.
Top Shelf: The best spirits in the house.
Twist: Lemon peel used to flavor rim of glass, then dropped in drink.
Up: A drink served with no ice, either neat or chilled.
Well: Bar stock liquors.