Garnishes are a basic for many cocktails. It is what makes a Manhattan a Manhattan, a Cubra Libra not the same as a Rum & Coke.

Fruity cocktails generally have tropical garnishes like a flag ro an umbrella, or a flower.

The sky is the limit with Bloody Marys.

Some cocktails need a glass rimmed with salt, sugar, chocolate, or other flavoring.

Sometimes, the decoration for the garnish begins in the glass.

Toppings of whip cream with drizzles are also garnishes.

Here are the basic ones:
  • Cocktail Onions: Skewer a couple for Gibsons.

  • Flag: 1/2 Slice of orange skewered with a maraschino cherry.

  • Olives: Skewer a couple for martinis.

  • Swizzle Stick: Small straw or stick to stir drink when served.

  • Twist: Rind of lemon, run rind side down around glass & then twisted & placed in drink.

  • Umbrella: Fancy paper toss away decoration.

  • Wedge: Slice of lemon or lime that is cut to fit on the side of a glass.

  • Wheel: Slice of citrus, scored or not scored, but whole.