How to Layer a Cocktail

Here's an easy way to layer a cocktail such as a Pousse Cafe.

  • Select a shot, cordial, or Pousse Cafe glass.
  • Refer to the density chart for approximate weight of liqueurs.
  • Pour your heaviest liquid first.
  • Place a bar or teaspoon upside down into the glass against the edge.
  • Slowly pour the next heaviest liqueur over the back of the spoon.
  • Continue with each liqueur, ending with the lightest.
  • If a liqueur does not float, discard or drink this attempt.
  • Admire your finished work of art. 


  • If glass is too narrow to place a spoon in, a maraschino cherry will work.
  • The trick is to pour very slowly.
  • If using a bar spoon, pour down the twisted part of the handle.
  • Not all brands have the same density, so you may have to use the trial and error method.
  • These may be prepared a bit in advance, so are perfect for after dinner drinks.