Spirited Candy Recipes

This was a big experiment. I tried to bring you many different types of recipes. I made a lot of mistakes. Some of them actually turned out different than the original plan, but were good. Other experiments ended up in the trash. Some of the recipes just came together naturally. None of these recipes are that hard to make. I don't even own a candy thermometer, and didn't buy one just to keep these as simple as possible. Everything is heated in the microwave.

Fudge is definitely the easiest. You just pour it into a pan, let it set & cut it into pieces. Try to do it on a dry day though. For some reason, it doesn't set up well on a rainy day. If your fudge doesn't work out well, get it cold enough to work into balls, then dip it in plain commercial candy coat, and call them fudged bon bons.

The worst mistake I made was thinking I could make liqueur filled chocolates. I poured the chocolate into the molds and thought I was so smart by using a dropper to fill them up with liqueur. It looked great until I tried to seal them with chocolate and had liqueur everywhere! Maybe next year... Or just go to SpecialTimes.com and they will deliver liqueur filled chocolates!

Molded candy really is not as hard as I thought it would be. I bought some inexpensive molds in the craft department at Wally-World. Make sure they are clean and dry. Pour in the hot candy and using the back of a small spoon, round up the candy to the sides and top of the mold. Then you just fill them after they are set & top and seal with more of the hot candy.

Bon Bons and dipped candy get real messy. I tried using a long bar spoon, toothpicks, and even a carving fork. I ended up finding my fingers the easiest to use. Have a pot of coffee going while you make these and pour a little of the liqueur into it. This will help curb the temptation to lick your fingers as you are working. The easiest dip is the commercial candy coating. (Brands include Merckens, Wiltons, Candiquick, Nestles, & Clasen.) One of the best parts of working with this, is that you can re-heat these by popping it back in the microwave.