Super Bowl Games & Gambling

First off and most importantly, games should not be distracting from the actual football game being played on TV. 

Here's a few games you can play at your party. 

  • Balloons!
    This one is easy and is played at the start and after the game is over. You pick team colors for balloons and in one set of each team colors, you place a slip of paper in each balloon. (Hint: mix up the teams inside the balloons, so people don't know which team is in the balloons.) At the end of the game, each person pops a balloon. The person who pops the balloon with the slip of paper that has the total score or winning team gets the good prizes, and the losing one gets to clean the kitchen, or what ever you deem as the booby prize. You write things like "Holding, personal foul, penalty take out the garbage." Of course the penalty is declined if it is the winning team. I like this one as it acts as decorations, a game, and helps you clean up. 

  • Shooters
    Pick a favorite play or call and every time your team is called on or does that, you have to do a shot. Another variation, is each time the commentator says, "Did you see that?!?!" everyone has to drink. Use your imagination for this one, but be careful with this game though if you want you and your guests to see the end of the game. Face mask, or an official review are probably a good ones, where off sides or holding happens more frequently. Use good judgement here. 

  • Ten Players
    Here you put ten numbers in a bag (zero through nine). You can either have prizes or a pool for this one if gambling is legal at your house. Each of the ten players takes a number. At the end of each quarter, you add up the total of the last digit of the scores. That number is the winning number and the player who has that number is the winner of the prize or 1/4 amount of the ante, if you are playing by the quarter. 

  • 100 Squares
    Near the bottom of this page is a mock up of what this sheet looks like. There is a linkto a useable printable sheet also. It doesn't matter how many people play this game. Each person puts in a designated amount of money if gambling is legal at your house. (If not, divide 100 squares by the amount of guests and they get to fill in that many boxes with their names and you provide the prizes.) After the sheet is filled with names, you pick numbers (zero through nine in a bag again) twice (for each team), and label the rows and columns accordingly. The ending numbers of each quarter determine the winners. For example, if the score is 24 to 17, the winning number would be 4 and 7, that is on the right square for the teams. One team has the vertical side for numbers and the other has the horizontal. One word of advice on this is to specify the final score or 4th quarter as the ending win.