Preparation & Tips

Time to get going on your party plans and invitations! Keep these tips in mind for an easy party plan to keep you watching the game and hosting like a champ. Remember, if you want to watch the game, you'll need to keep it simple and easy by doing most everything in advance. 

  • Decorate your house in your team's colors or both if your guests are divided. Divide the room by team themes, and make the guests sit on their side of the chosen team. 

  • Clear your tables in the viewing room to be void of anything that can be knocked over, or be in the way of drinks and food. 

  • Always plan for more than you think will attend. It is better to have too much than not enough. Just in case... make sure there's a designated driver to be able to go out and grab more beer & cocktail supplies. 

  • Jell-O Shots in team colors are always a favorite. Package them in disposable souffle cups with lids and serve them in a bowl full of ice. Make up your own rules as to when guests get to have one during the game, like official reviews, time-outs, touchdowns... 

  • Have food prepared ahead of time so you can enjoy the game. Keep it on warming trays on a table near where you plan to watch the game. 

  • Keep paper towels and a wet rag handy so you don't miss anything running for them to clean up knocked over messes. 

  • Make cocktails by the bunch instead of individual ones. 

  • Keep a cooler full of beer handy and a tray to clear, rinse, and recycle during time-outs. 

  • There is usually a person or two that has no interest in football. Enlist their help to be the designated driver, get more food from the kitchen, clear off plates, etc... 

  • Tape the game to catch the parts you might miss. Don't miss a second of fun, even if it is after the fact. After the game, you can all catch your favorite highlights and those super expensive, but hilarious commercials. 

  • Keep the excitement going with a football pot for each quarter. See Games for some ideas.