Famous Old Cocktail Movie Quotes

"I was in love with a beautiful blonde once, dear. She drove me to drink. That's the one thing I'm indebted to her for." 
W. C. Fields - Never Give a Sucker an Even Break

"Let's all drink gin and make wry faces."
Bob Hope - The Cat and the Canary

"Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine." 
Humphrey Bogart - Casablanca

"My nerves could use a drink."
Grace Kelly - To Catch a Thief

"I envy people who drink. At least they know what to blame everything on." - "If it's so simple, why don't you drink?" - "Me? I have no character."
Oscar Levant & Joan Crawford - Humoresque

"Give me a whiskey, ginger ale on the side...and don't be stingy, baby." 
Greta Garbo - Anna Christie

"I suppose I'll be able to get a drink there." - "I told the stewardess liquor for three." - "Who are the other two? - "Oh, there are no other two."
Sean Connery & Cec Linder - Goldfinger

"Will you bring me five more martinis, Leo? And line them right up here." 
"What hit me?" - "The last Martini."

Myrna Loy & William Powell - The Thin Man

"Come on. Let's get something to eat. I'm thirsty."
William Powell - After The Thin Man

"I got rid of all those reporters." - "What did you tell them?" - "We're out of scotch." - "What a gruesome idea."
Myrna Loy & William Powell - Another Thin Man 

"Why don't you get out of that wet coat and into a dry martini?" 
Robert Benchley - The Major and the Minor

"I'll admit I may have seen better days... but I'm still not to be had for the price of a cocktail, like a salted peanut."
Bette Davis - All About Eve

"Mac, you ever been in love?" - "No, I've been a bartender all my life." 
Henry Fonda & J. Farrell MacDonald - My Darling Clementine

"Let there be dancing in the streets, drinking in the saloons, and necking in the parlor."
Grouch Marx - A Night at the Opera

"What *is* a cocktail dress?" - "Something to spill cocktails on."
William Powell & Jean Arthur - The Ex-Mrs. Bradford

"We shall drink to our partnership. Do you like gin? It is my only weakness."
Ernest Thesiger - The Bride of Frankenstein

"Meet me down in the bar! We'll drink breakfast together."
W. C. Fields - The Big Broadcast of 1938

"I distrust a man who says "when." If he's got to be careful not to drink too much, it's because he's not to be trusted when he does."
Sydney Greenstreet - The Maltese Falcon

"The whole world is drunk and we're just the cocktail of the moment. Someday soon, the world will wake up, down two aspirin with a glass of tomato juice, and wonder what the hell all the fuss was about."
Dean Martin - The Rat Pack

"Look, sweetheart, I can drink you under any goddamn table you want, so don't worry about me."
Elizabeth Taylor - Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

"I never should have switched from Scotch to Martinis."
Humphrey Bogart's last words