cocktail recipeApple Martini

This recipe is a delight if made with Graf's Apfel Sauer & Smirnoff Apple Vodka. I used equal parts & shook it over ice. 

If you like salt with your apples, lightly frost your rim with table salt, not Kosher which is used for Margaritas.

A Cheddar cheese wedge is the perfect accompaniment.

If you are entertaining though, I would slice apples and lightly salt them as a garnish & serve warm Brie! 


  • 1 Part Vodka
  • 1 Part Apple Liqueur 

Shake over ice, and strain into chilled cocktail glasses.
Garnish with a table salted rim, a small cheese wedge, or a freshly sliced apple slice. 

Apple Puckers will also work in place of Graf's Apfel Sauer, for a bit sweeter variation.