"Here's to love, The only fire against which there is no insurance."
"May we kiss whom we please, 
And please whom we kiss." 
"Here's to the wings of love
May they never moult a feather 
Till your little shoes and my big boots... 
Are under the bed together."
"I have known many, 
Liked a few, 
Loved one, 
Here's to you!"
"Here's to one and only one, 
And may that one be thee 
Who loves but one and only one, 
And may that one be me."
"Here's to matrimony... 
The high sea for which no compass has yet been invented."
"If the ocean were a goblet And all its salt seas wine, 
I would drink it to you darlin', Ere you cross the foamy brine; 
For then you couldn't cross it, But would have to stay on land 
Till the walkin' should get better, And we'd cross it hand in hand."
"Here's to a kiss: Give me a kiss, and to that kiss add a score, 
Then to that add a hundred more; 
A thousand to that hundred, and so kiss on, 
To make that thousand quite a million. 
Treble that million, and when that is done, 
Let's kiss afresh as though we'd just begun."
"May we have those in our arms 
That we love in our hearts."
"Here's to those that love us, 
And here's to those that don't, 
A smile for those who are willing to, 
And a tear for those who won't.