Toasts to Drinking

 "Here's head first, in a foaming glass!
Here's head first, to a lovely lass!
Here's head first, for a bit of kissing,
For the good don't know the fun that they're missing!" 
"Here's to good food, Good fortune, And good whiskey!"
 "Here's to Hell! 
May we have as good a time there as we had getting there!"
 "Drink to the girls and drink to their mothers, 
Drink to their fathers and drink to their brothers; 
Toast their dear healths as long as you are able, 
And dream of their charms while you're under the table!"
"I've drunk to your health in company, 
I've drunk to your health alone. 
I've drunk to your health so many times, 
I've damn near ruined my own!"
"Here's to those who wish us well, 
And those that don't may go to hell."
"Here's to us; May we never drink worse."
"One bottle for four of us, 
Thank God there's no more of us!"
"Here's to beefsteak when you're hungry, Whiskey when you're dry, 
All the girls you ever want, And heaven when you die."
 "Here are toasts to you. And you. And you."