I am the author and creator of this site.

Welcome to a bit about my life!

When I was very young and knew we had a major party coming to the house. My brother was assigned the job of being the bartender for Grama's birthday. I got my nose out of joint, but big brother "Packer" told me it was all okay. I could be the "Barmitzvha." Sounded good to me! My first and only assignment was to take a whiskey and ginger to Uncle Donny on a slippery plastic Genessee Beer tray. I made it over and he put a quarter on the tray. I was confused, but he explained that it was a tip. (He didn't need another one right away, but had me hooked.)

Years later, I became a waitress and learned everything I could from the bartenders where I worked. Eventually I worked up to bartender and became enthralled with history, recipes and the mystique.

I was also enthused about graphic design and discovered the net in the early 90's. I began messing around with it. I had a free site from my Internet provider and went nuts. I taught myself html, and went so far as to win a top prize from Microsoft. It was a blast, I had all kinds of shit from daily comics, an Advent Calendar, games, stupid fun stuff, and of course Cocktail recipes. You could even earn a certificate (worth nothing, but fun) by taking my quiz. 

About this time I contracted with the Mining Company which became About.com. 8 years later, after banking good income part-time, The New York Times bought them out and I lost my contract. Single Mom, had to go back to bartending full time, but not before my book was published!

18 years on and off at the same hotel, it went down the tubes and I got laid off. So, I decided to finish my degree while collecting unemployment. BA Summa Cum Laude majored in Organizational Management and Minor in Marketing. I had a hard time getting a job for a long time and finally landed my "Office with a View!"  

Now, I am trying to go into sem-retirement and get by with my crafts, websites and SS. (I figured I was best to claim SS before it is gone.) Ya, I'm getting old! So if you like my site......