Calories and Carbs

Need to fit into that favorite slinky dress again, or are you worried about looking good in shorts or a swimsuit? Good news is in store, if you're watching your weight, but still want to drink. Here are a few good tips and cocktails to help you keep the calorie count low.

  • One ounce of 80 Proof Bourbon, Brandy, Gin, Rum, Scotch, Tequila, Vodka, & Whiskey has 65 calories. The higher the proof, the higher the calories.
  • Choose Club Soda, Diet Sodas, or water for a mixer, as they have 0 calories.
  • Liqueurs range from 68 to 120 per ounce, depending on variety and brand. So, you will probably want to skip the after dinner drink.
  • Surprisingly, spirits have no fat and little or no carbohydrates. Generally the clear liquors have none. Whiskeys will have a trace. Wines, beer, and liqueurs have various amounts of carbohydrates. The trick in cocktails when watching your carbohydrates is to watch what you mix them with.

Examples of Cocktails

  • A Spritzer made with 3 oz. of a dry white wine has about 90 calories.
  • A Presbyterian has about 115 calories.
  • A Vodka or Gin and Tonic made with 1 oz. of Vodka or Gin and 4 oz. Tonic has only 93 calories.
  • A 5 oz. Bloody Mary has about 125 calories.
  • A Tom Collins has about 122 calories.
  • A Margarita has about 170 calories
  • A Whiskey Sour has about 175 calories.
  • A Seabreeze has about 145 calories.
  • A 3 oz. Dry Martini has about 190 calories.

All measurments are by the ounce unless otherwise specified.

Bourbon, Brandy, Gin, Rum, Scotch, Tequila, Vodka, & Whiskey

Proof Calories
80 65  
86 70
90 74
94 77
100 83
Mixers & Garnishes Calories  
Club Soda or Water 0  
Tomato Juice 6  
Tonic & Ginger Ale 9  
Cola 12  
Lemon Lime 13  
Orange Juice 14  
Pineapple Juice 17
Cranberry Juice 19  
Cream 106
Ice Cream (1/2 Cup) 140
Celery Stick 5
Orange Slice 10