Cocktails For What Ails You

Many spirits were first made as remedies. Gin was originally intended as a remedy for kidney disorders. Liqueurs have been made using herbal remedies in Europe by the Monks since medieval times. In the 6th century, the Irish invented Irish Whiskey. They called it 'Uisce Beatha', which means, 'The Water of Life'. One thing is certain, drinking generally makes you feel better, at least temporarily. Any good bartender will probably have a special cure for what ails you. Here's a list of some typical remedies.


Take a lime slice and drench it with bitters. Suck on the lime and make a horrible face. I've never seen this one fail.


Bitters, lime and soda is a great cure for a stomach ache. If you've eaten too much, Creme de Menthe with Soda water sipped slowly really helps.


Hot Buttered Rum with lots of lemon juice added soothes a rotten cold. If you have a fever with it, my Dad always took a shot of whiskey with an aspirin, and went to bed. Another good one is hot tea with a shot of whiskey, honey and lemon mixed n.


For a dry trickily cough, sip some Ginger Brandy. For a bad cough temporary relief can be found in a Screaming Nazi (Jagermeister & Rumplemintze). Any liqueur, especially herbal based, like minty ones or the above help a little, but if your cold is real bad, you will forget about it if you drink enough.


A little Brandy will warm you right up. Fireball works well too!


A Hot Toddie generally does the trick. I knew of one person that swore by warm milk with Scotch. I usually just have one more drink.


Drink Blackberry Brandy.


Hold a sip of whiskey on the sore tooth.

Teething Baby

Take a shot of whiskey, rub some on the baby's gums & drink the shot yourself. Our old family doctor actually told me this one with a wink!

Note that these are not medical remedies, and are not recommended to replace medical attention or advice. It is not good to combine alcohol with any drugs you may be taking. If you are sick, it is best to seek the advice of a medical professional.