Here's How to Get Great Service:

  • Establish contact, don't demand it though.
  • Know what your order is and tell it precisely.
  • If people in your party can't make up minds, order for them later while your other drinks are being made.
  • Don't waste bartender's time with small talk if the bar is busy.Tip big on the first round.
  • Learn the name of your bartender and tip well on the first round.
  • If drink is not right, give it back before it is half gone.
  • If you have a new joke, and bartender has time, tell it.
  • Never ask for a free drink.
  • Never pretend that a bartender is your servant by snapping your fingers or worse yet, whistling.
  • Tapping your glass on the bar is frowned upon also.
  • Leave a good tip and make sure to thank bartender by name for prompt service next time. 


  • Bartenders give preferred service to good tippers.
  • Never argue with a bartender. The law is on their side and you're drinking.